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1/ Majorities

We are worried about the respect for your private life during the use of the and of your rights regarding protection and regarding control of the personal data. That is why, the object of the present charter is to inform you in a complete and transparent way about the nature of the personal data that we collect and the use which we make of these data.

Your personal data are handled by:

Immo Abita

95 avenue des cerisiers , 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

Tva 0437 981 526

If you have questions with regard to this charter or on the use of your personal data, you can contact us by email at the address info@immabita.beor by mail at the aforesaid address.

Data processings with personnel characters relatives in this site is subjected(submitted) to the Belgian law. They are subjected(submitted) in particular to the law of December 8th, 1992 relative to the protection of the private life towards the personal data processings and, from May 25th, 2018, in the European Regulation(Payment) 2016/679 of April 27th concerning the protection of the physical persons towards the personal data processing and concerning the free circulation of these data (“GDPR”).

2/ The data which we collect
No personal datum is automatically collected by the site in himself(itself). The only data which we handle are the ones that you communicate with us voluntarily, for example by choosing a language(tongue), by completing a form of contact or demand(request) on the site, by communicating with us by electronic email, etc…. In this context, the personal data which we can possibly collect and deal according to your use of the site are the following ones:

As possible, we also register(record) the date in which the personal data were communicated or with which certain adjustments were operated in these data.

The registered(recorded) personal data can also contain other information, such as your preferences of products, services(departments) and/or the information on your life choices (region, district, types(chaps) of the sought(studied) properties(goods)) which you communicated us within the framework of our professional relations.

Other data possibly collected automatically are it only by statistical tools, as for example Google Analytics, and concern only the date, the hour, your TCP / IP address, the mark(brand) and the last version of your sailor(browser), the consulted web pages but remain completely anonymous.

We could be also brought to process data concerning you resulting(coming) from third(third party) as the media (immoweb, wham, logicimmo). These are only communicated with us further to a demand(request) via forms given on their respective site. We can also receive information concerning you of partners with whom we propose joint services(departments) or realize common marketing measures. We can, finally, receive information concerning you through the social media, for example, when you interact with us on these. We protect all the data obtained with third(third party) according to the practices described in the present charter. We also apply any additional limitation been imperative by the source(spring)

3/ Use of the data
The personal data which we collect are used in the following purposes:

4/ Use of cookies

When you visit our Web site, you accept that cookies are installed(settled) on your computer to register(record) certain information. Our cookies do not allow to identify you personally. They serve above all to run the site and to improve your user experience, for example by memo.

A cookie is a small file, containing a character string, and which is sent to your computer when you visit a Web site. The life expectancy(cycle) of a cookie depends on its nature. He can involve or a “temporary” cookie which stays on your computer only during the duration of your visit of the site, or the “persistent” cookie which is kept(preserved) until it expires or whether it is got deleted by yourself(by your care).rizing(storing) the chosen language(tongue).

We use the following cookies on our Web site:

Most of the Internet browsers allow you to define your preferences regarding cookies, to erase them and even to deactivate them. Nevertheless, if to decide on you to limit or to forbid the use of cookies by the site, it Can damage your user experience and affect(allocate) certain features of the site.

5/ Safety(Security) of your data

We are very attentive to the safety(security) and the confidentiality of your personal data.

We make every effort to take the technical and organizational measures suited to avoid any violation of your personal data, in a accidental or illicit way, that it is about the destruction, the loss, the unauthorized disclosure, the misuse, the change or the unauthorized access to data collected on our site, and so to guarantee an appropriate safety(security) and to protect any time your personal data.

In case of violation of your personal data turned out, you will be informed as soon as possible by **

Immo Abita

95 avenue des cerisiers , 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

Tva 0437 981 526

6/ Transfer of data in thirds

Your data are of use only to an internal use and will be given up accordingly never or not sold to others natural or legal persons bound or not to our company. Besides, all our collaborators or independent persons receiving benefits having access to your data have a duty of strict confidentiality.

Your personal data can be possibly communicated to subcontractors (example: banks, computing persons receiving benefits(providers), clouds) but only within the framework of services(performances) made for our account on base(basis) of our instructions and according to the present statement(declaration). In the case or a third(third party) would be loaded of the treatment(processing), for our account, of collected data, an agreement(convention) of data processing will be concluded by us with the third(third party) in question to to guarantee the same level of protection and personal data privacy collected. In every case, we remain responsible for the treatment(processing) of these data.

As for the storage of your personal data, we guarantee to select only persons receiving benefits(providers) who respect the capacities(measures) of the GDPR.

Where necessary, we may pass on(transmit) your personal data when it is imposed on us by the judicial or administrative authorities, but in the respect for the applicable legislation.

7/ Shelf life
We make a commitment not to keep(preserve) your personal data beyond duration considered necessary to reach(affect) the ends(purposes) mentioned in the present charter.

8/ Your rights

According to the applicable legislation, you incline at any time access rights, rectification, erasure, limitation of the treatment, the opposition to the treatment and the right to the portability of your personal data, as well as the right not to be the object of a decision based exclusively on an automated treatment, including a profiling.

Immo Abita

95 avenue des cerisiers , 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

Tva 0437 981 526

will notify to every addressee to whom the personal data were communicated any rectification or any erasure of personal data or any limitation of the treatment made of these, unless such a communication shows itself impossible or requires disproportionate efforts.

At any time, you can also remove your consent from the uses which you beforehand authorized. The revocation of your consent for the one or other one of these uses of your personal data will apply only for the future without affecting(allocating) the already made treatments(processings).

If you have questions on the use of your personal data or to exercise one of your rights, you can introduce a demand(request) by email for the address info@immabita.beor by mail at the mailing address mentioned in the point 1. Any demand(request) must be accompanied with a proof of your identity.

You also have a right(law) of appeal(recourse) with the Committee(Commission) of the protection of the Private life for the address: street of the Press 35 in 1000 Brussels, phone.: 02/274.48.00 – e-mail:, without prejudice to any other actual jurisdictional appeal(recourse).

9/ Updating
We reserve the right to bring modifications to the present charter to consider any legal, case law or technical evolution. Only the last version will prevail.

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