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1/ Legal notices

The site

that you use (below called(mentioned) the “site”) is published(edited) by:

Immo Abita

95 avenue des cerisiers , 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

Tva 0437 981 526

below  << immo abita >>

Abita immo is subjected(submitted) to the control of the Professional Institute of the Real-estate agents ( IPI), the street of the Luxembourg 16b in 1000 Brussels ( ). He(it) is approved as real estate agent in Belgium under the number IPI 500 168 and is subjected(submitted) to the ethical code of the IPI.

2/ Acceptance of general terms of use

By visiting, of his/her own free will, the present site, of course the user accepts, without reserve, the General terms of use of the site (GTU) which he(it) recognizes to have read and understood(included).

If you do not accept GTU, you cannot use the site and you are asked to disconnect immediately.

3/ Treatment of the demands and\or the information

by communicating in IMMO abita information via the forms of this site, by email or any other way, you guarantee that you use your own identity.

We reserve the right to subordinate the treatment of the demands or the information, to suspend him or to refuse him in the following cases:

the list resumed above has no exhaustive character.

4/ Services

The services and the properties proposed on the site are described honest, most exactly and faithfully possible.

The images presented on the site have no contractual value.

5/ Intellectual property rights

The contents of this site are copyrighted. The copy, the translation, the modification or the distribution(broadcasting) of all or part of this one, in any form whatsoever, is forbidden, except prior written consent of Immo Abita  Any breach of such right(straight) intellectuals can give rise to civil and penal pursuits.

Any total or partial reproduction of our site is strictly forbidden.

6/ personal Data processing

We are worried about the respect for your private life during the use of the site and your rights regarding protection and regarding control of the personal data. Those whom you supply on the site are recorded and handled in the strict respect for our charter of protection of the available for consultation private life here.

Our web site does not intend to collect personal data of old visitors of the site under age 16, unless they received the authorization from it of their parents or guardian or on the condition that we are obliged it pursuant to our legal obligations.

We are not however capable of verifying if a visitor of our site is 16-year-old carried out(achieved). We advise(recommend) from then on the parents(relatives) to be involved in the on-line activities of their children, to avoid so that personal data of their children are collected without their consent.

If you remain convinced that we collected personal data of a minor(miner) without your consent, we invite you to get in touch with us via

7/ Availability
In any case, we cannot be held responsible for damage resulting from the unavailability of the service(department) corresponding to the requests of the user obligations.

8/ Disclaimer – limitation of responsibility

Immoabita cannot be held responsible for a damage which it is resulting from the use of its web site, in this understood but in a not exhaustive way, any direct and indirect damages.

Immoabita assumes in particular no responsibility concerning the contents of the sites towards which he establishes a hypertext link, in particular with regard to the protection of the private life.

The information and the material(equipment) which(who) are contained in this Web site are only given for information and establish(constitute) by no means an offer of Immo abita  his(her) administrators(directors), employees and/or representatives who can be held responsible on no account, for any reason whatsoever, in a contractual way or not, possible damage – direct or indirect – which you should undergo to have reached this Web site, to have visited and/or used him(it), safe in case of grave or deliberate fault which would be attributable to them, as well as in case of misleading, inaccurate or contradictory information.

9/ Disputes and applicable law
The parts(parties) suit that any disagreement or dispute concerning the present general terms of use or ensuing from his interpretation(performance) Prerequisite. For that purpose, parties hereto make a commitment to participate in at least a meeting of mediation by delegating it a person having decision-making power. The mediator will be chosen by the parts(parties). For lack of mutual agreement, any dispute being(being a matter) of the execution or the interpretation(performance) of the present will be subjected(submitted) to the Belgian law and will be the exclusive skill(competence) of the courts of the judicial district of Immo Abita.

10/ Updating
We reserve the right to bring modifications to the present charter to consider any legal, case law or technical evolution. Only the last version will prevail.

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