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Price of a house valuation in Brussels: investing in a professional service


Do you want to know the value of your property? Do you want to sell it? Are you wondering about the price of a house valuation in Brussels? Our real estate agency Abita Immo can help you.


Doing a valuation of your property yourself can be risky. Indeed, you must be sure that you know all the variables to be taken into account when valuing a property. Discount and premium percentages, market trends, the particular qualities of your home’s location, etc. Without the necessary knowledge in this area, you risk making a mistake. You can therefore find yourself in two situations:

If you set the price too low, you risk making a financial loss,
If you set the price too high, your property may never find a buyer
This is why we advise you to delegate this work to experts. An accurate and successful valuation is a promise that the sale of your property will take place under the best conditions. The transaction will also be quick because it will not require any negotiations or subsequent reductions in your selling price.

Contact Abita Immo to know the price of your house valuation in Brussels!


A professional property valuation takes time and also involves travel costs. In addition, outside of these visiting hours, the real estate agents study the price per square metre, the market trends or the potential of the property according to its location. Then they conduct comparative research by analysing similar properties. Thanks to this study, expertise and analysis, real estate professionals are able to establish an accurate and precise estimate.

This exercise is a profession in its own right, and its rates therefore vary according to the amount of time the expert must devote to this task in order to carry it out successfully. They also vary according to the agency and its values. At Abita Immo, we have been carrying out house valuations at the right price for 30 years.

Contact us to get a clear, detailed and honest offer for the price of your house valuation in Brussels.

Contact us to get a clear, detailed and honest offer for the price of your house valuation in Brussels.

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